32 flavors

what phrase is assigned to 32 anyway?

i’ve been inactive on facebook for about seven days now. some time between those days, i turned 32. so far, it’s nice to be out of the calendar and frankly, out of social media (at least for a bit). i thought it was noble of me to deactivate so as not to bother people in remembering my birthday. that way, i had thought, i was giving them an excuse not to greet me and so save them from my ire (and wrathful vengeance, bwahaha) for not remembering.

i figured that because they had no way of knowing, i could be lenient for not getting well wishes. but then i received direct messages and text messages so i figured if i were really important to some people, they will find ways. ways to not forget my birthday and ways to let me know i am remembered.

what does it take for some people to remember? do i have to die or something?

i had to reflect on that. i made a list of the people who greeted me via text and direct message. these are the people who are really, really close to me and to some extent, truly value me. i know i told my friends i did not wish to celebrate any more of my birthdays but that did not stop them from making time for me anyway.

you see, kung gusto, may paraan. and you probably know the rest. 😉


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