I couldn’t wipe the silly smile off my face as soon as we set foot on the set of Papa P’s soap. It’s not my first time on a set, on location, with crew people milling about, carrying huge lights and rolling cameras. I was telling Ate Adah as we sat by the chillaxin’ tent (you know where the production team stands by) that my goofy smile wasn’t going anywhere.

If you’ve known me for quite some time, you know how I’ve been rambling on and on about wanting, wishing, aching to meet Piolo Pascual. And if we’re really, really close, you’ve seen me shed a tear about it and you’d have rolled your eyes and laughed at the scenarios I played out. You would be thinking, ‘Xaris, that is just so ridiculous!’ We would have laughed while I wiped tears away.

For years and years I would talk about nothing else but plans on how to meet Papa P. I mean, I plan on these things. I go through every possible scenarios and ascertain the odds will be in my favor (hahaha!).


yes, i was crazy.

So it’s kind of unreal that I went to the set wearing the same clothes I wore the day before, without my kikay kit (I even had to borrow a friend’s eyeliner!), on my Sunday’s best (heels on set, not a very wise choice for footwear),  on the day I would meet the love of my life.

Without warning, there he was, walking towards us, smiling and aiming for a beso with my friend (chill, not to me. We just met. Haha). ‘Piolo, si Xaris.’ He smiles at me and says, ‘Hi!’ I say ‘Hi’ back and it’s so weird that I wasn’t screaming or tearing up or psychobabbling. Because gosh, I am capable of doing those. Heck, I even planned on it. But there was nothing. I wasn’t kilig. Weird.

(Oh but he’s so gwapo. As drop-dead gorgeous as he is on TV and print.)

I could go on and describe every detail I got from meeting him but I don’t want this to be about Piolo being so gorgeous or me being so favored. The only thought running through my head from the time I got Ate Adah’s message the night before up to that time I was staring directly at the guy of my dreams was, ‘Wow, Lord, thank You!’ I was thanking Him for the nice weather, the opportunity to check this off my list, meeting new people (Direk Jerry in the flesh! Hubes and Iza and Jess! Moi and Mond), the pleasant waiting time… every minor and major thing I could think of. Just, wow, Lord, thank You!

So I want to highlight Jesus in this experience. If it weren’t for Him, the giver of perfect gifts, maker of dreams come true, granter of heart’s desires, this whole thing would be meaningless. It is weird that I didn’t feel all the feels necessary to make this blog kilig-worthy and I thank God for that. I really thought that meeting Piolo would be the highlight of my existence. And it’s not. I’m glad it’s not.

The highest pursuit of my life will always be Jesus. And if you’ve found the Love of your life in the Lord, no one, not even Piolo, can compare. 😉