Snippets from my Diaries

Who knows, maybe I will become a legend. 😉 Hahahaha!


JULY 26, 2012

While I was happily cutting up shapes from felt cloth, I couldn’t help but think that another era is ending in my life. One by one, the people I grew up with are entering a new phase in their lives and I might be on the verge of going mental because, whether I like it or not, things will change and I might not be able to cope. So for as long as we are on the same page, I really take time to be there and have a big part in their lives. You know?



Sweeping declaration: I don’t need a partner. At least not right now. I am very capable of doing and accomplishing things on my own. If I were going to be mayabang, then I would say that I can do the things and ministries assigned to me by myself quite excellently.

Having a boyfriend right now would only weigh me down. And I say that not out of bitterness or even a trace of envy. I’m just glad I haven’t screwed up big time and there’s nothing tainting my slate. So there.





Galatians 6:1-10– The Xaris Version

Fellow walkers in the faith, those who are more attuned to the Holy Spirit among us should carefully lead back ‘strayers’ with much grace and love. Just be sure that the matters you concern yourself with will not cause you to fall. It would be better if you would help pick up the slack along with the brother rather than just pointing it out and leaving it at that. That’s not a very Christian thing to do.

Don’t think you’re above the lesson or that you’ve already mastered it thus making it easy for you to unburden another. You’re not all that. If you look closely, your past victories weren’t even yours. If you understand they came from God, then you’d better look at yourself in God’s perspective. He gives out individual burdens, therefore unique, individual lessons.

It would be good if you can learn your lesson, teach it to others and share insights even to those who seem to have had more experience.

Now if you think you can get away with just saying one thing and doing the other, think again. The Lord knows better. You will get what you deserve. If you’re doing good just because it feels good or that it is beneficial to you, then get ready to be found out. When your heart is revealed, you better watch out. But if you invest in doing good things to bring a smile to the Lord’s face, then the Lord Himself will make His face shine upon you.

So don’t wonder if the Christian things you do have any value. Just keep doing it and make it as natural as breathing. If you keep it up, the Lord will reward you at the exact time He deems to give the reward. Don’t consider when is the best time to do good and who is the best crowd to display it to. Just do it. Keep on doing it even if it is among  fellow Christians who can see you week in and week out.


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