In 2007, some of the graduates from my church decided to do a Bible study with Pastor Dave who succeeded Pastor Bob’s Senior Pastorship. And because the Paul-Timothy program was ongoing at that time, the boys were all lining up to be mentored by Pastor Dave.


Tito Dave agreed to hold sessions in his home but with a dire warning of remaining a teacher only and none of the life-sharing stuff. So the boys all met every Thursday for three months. In July of that year, we girls (Ate Riz, Ate Ivy, Ate Normi and I) sat down for one session and have come back every Thursday since.

As for Tito Dave’s teacher-only status, well, let me just say that he and the group are now in a raid-your-refrigerator level.

I remember when the girls would have a separate session with Tita Nory, Pastor Dave’s wife. The guys will move to the lanai while we stay at the kitchen sharing all sorts of stuff. One Thursday, because the girls outnumbered the guys, we had a joint session. I remember Kuya Nikos chronicling the event as they (the guys) seal one season of their BS Group.


For the first years of TG, we all had taken turns in leading the Bible Study. For one season, we did character studies and learned about the lives of famous Bible people. Ate Riz took on Thomas and for a while we called ourselves Friends of Thomas. The guys naturally joked around and said they’d study Judas and rename our group Friends of Judas. It never really caught on. Hah.

And so people have come and gone the Lascano meeting place and we have covered topics like SBCC’s Statement of Faith, Cults and Occult, Escatological views (big word!), Manuscript Bible Studies, Inductive Bible Studies, God’s Will, How to Prepare a Sermon, How to Preach, The Sabbath, and so much stuff in between.


So much stuff in between means drama, drama, drama, out of the country trips, out of town trips, food trips and Christmas parties.


Our resumes would all look good if we put in all the topics we’ve discussed as a group but really, we all still have a long way to go. But that’s not to say we didn’t get anything out of the Thursdays we spent together.

I used to be the youngest in the group and I have seen how my Ates and Kuyas grew before my eyes. I am always proud to call them role models (eeeeeven though they fail an awful lot of times) so much so that I got around my QLC phase just fine. I don’t say it as often as I should but I am thankful that I got to be who I am today because they all had a contribution. So if my standards are unbearably high, blame them. That’s all of them put together. 😉

In the original group, Kuya Nikos and Kuya Jasper were the ‘inviters.’ I swear they were the types who tagged anyone along. Usually because of ulterior motives, hahaha, but that’s okay since we meet new people that way. Ate Riz was always the devil’s advocate, trying to make sense of what was not said. It always adds to interesting discussion points and that’s how we all get to exercise our noodles. Ate Ivy and Ate Normi were fans of Tita Nory. They really like picking up points from her in the wifery side, getting ideas of what it’s like being married to a Pastor.

Now in 2013, there are 24 people in the Thursday Group group, at least three cars parked outside the Lascano gate every Thursday, more than 10 pets that have lived and died (Kevin, Florida, Aramani, etc), three continents that were visited, several out of town trips, five weddings, tons of tissues spent, truckloads of coffee consumed, and so much life-sharing in between.


From a Bible Study group that just met, TG has become a home, a place of solitude people can run to midweek.  Thursday is Thursday and no other day has become quite like it.