Day 16: A Picture of someone who Inspires (me)

It’s been a long time since I last said the phrase ‘when I grow up I want to be like…’

Right now, I’m thinking…

Mother Teresa as she is the kind of Christian I want to become. Her devotion to Jesus is really worth emulating and her compassion to the poorest of the poor is humbling. Sometimes I wonder how she could take in lepers lovingly in her arms and serve them as if her own health wasn’t at risk. I look at myself and how I treat wailing babies with distaste, consider Mother Teresa and get a slap in my face. How dare I say I love the Lord and yet ‘want to do a Voldemort on the poor babies.’

I don’t get much inspiration lately. Heehee. Siguro pag pumayat na si Sharon Cuneta, I will list her as someone who inspires me. 🙂


Day 15: A Picture of something (I) want to do before (I) Die

I’m deathly afraid of heights (I’ve always wanted to use that sentence) that I can’t even get across an overpass without so much fuss. So before I die, I want to at least try bunjee jumping.

Just recently, this image sprung on my head from talking to my classmates at the Fundraising Institute. These ladies are major in their fields and they were talking to me about pretty random stuff. Tita Lyn mentioned about Urbana (IVCF Illinois event) and she told stories that got me excited and wishing to join the experience. We were just talking about college experiences (she’s from UPLB, I’m from Baguio) and being a part of InterVarsity. So yeah, I waaaaant. 🙂

Marami pa akong naiisip pero ito na lang muna siguro. Bucket lists aren’t really my thing as I have pretty much done my 25-year plan. 😉

Day 14: A Picture of Someone (I) could never Imagine (my) Life without

Given na si God syempre. 😉 Where would I be without the Lord?

Pwedeng something?

I can’t imagine leaving the house without…


I’ve lost count of how many there are now. But yeah, I can’t imagine myself not accessorized.

(I’m not really good at following instructions, noh?)

yeah, we’re related. 😛

Wala talaga akong maisip na someone. I guess, my family is someone I could never imagine my life without. Then SBCC. Then TG. 🙂

Day 13: A Picture of (my) favorite Band or Artist

This band always gives me good vibes na para bang masaya silang ka-barkada. Kwela talaga sila. I especially admire their long-running stint as band mates, musicians, and artists. People can generally relate to their songs and their meaning (yes, kahit yung mga maloloko na kanta) as in tagos hanggang buto level.

Parokya ni Edgar will always be one of my childhood heroes. 😉

Top of mind talaga eh. Kahit ilang banda pa ang kahumalingan ko over the years, I will still say PnE is my all-time favorite. I’m also impressed by how much they value their fans and the respect they have for other artists. Good vibes lang talaga. 😀

Day 10: A Picture of the Person You do the oddest things with

Me? Do anything odd? Please.

The oddest things are usually done with a group of people. I have tried doing it by myself but I usually end up tilting the weirdness scale and so far, owning the tag of neighborhood weirdo hasn’t done anything good for my image. (Yes, image daw).

Generally, any day with my SVBaguio peeps turn out to be the oddest day.

See? We all got the flu after this weekend.

And then there are my high school best friends who are so hilarious without trying. They’re just funny when they’re funny. 😛 We have the oddest stalking behavior (making up new personalities altogether, crazy!) and bickering comebacks (you wouldn’t want to argue with these two, they’ll stump you).

Good girls gone bad.

Then there are my college room mates who made me 1) stay past my curfew (ako pa naman Ate sa kanila, nakakahiya), 2) drink weird stuff, 3) march down session road in pyjamas, 4) lay down Gov. Pack Road (now known as UP Drive) and 5) scream down the hallways debating our lungs out (for practice lang naman).

They make me feel so young. 🙂

So maybe the odd person is me and certain groups of people just bring out the worst (or best) of my odd nature. 🙂