He left me in the middle of a busy street with a big yellow dump truck trailing behind me. He also asked help to buy gifts for the girls he wanted to woo and failed to get me anything. One time, out of the blue, he remembered to call me to ask me to write a paper for him. He treated me to lunch that one time, I paid to gas up his car. And I wasn’t even sure if his driver’s license was valid at that time considering that I was about fifteen then and he was only a year older than I. I wouldn’t tell the principal he smoked behind the gym. Oh the things I’d do for that boy. Do, not did, because if he asks now, I’d still be that fifteen-year-old who would go out of my way to help out.

My friend calls him a douche and to that I agree. But it’s the douches of the world that need the most kindness and patience. This is the douche whose presence is so evident in my journals, that I would constantly include him in my prayer letters, never minding I was treated like a doormat. I told him off once. Once. And that, I think should have ended our user-friendship, but no, one word of apology, no matter how awkward or insincere it felt, was all it took for all my senses to go aww, okay, let’s be pals again.

He said ‘friends forever’ when we parted during graduation rites, after all. Hahaha, our story would make a good Taylor Swift song. 😉

I don’t know why I let myself remember those days. Maybe because for someone who did not know how to value herself, getting the time of the day from the cutest boy in school makes it all worthwhile. Eew, right. It had felt like it was my mission to constantly rally the heavens to save him from whatever trouble he’s going through. There was a point I exclaimed I’d never give up on him, whether he knows it or not, and that I would really ask God to bring him into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ because it is the best thing he could ever have.

Laughing at the thought now. Praying earnestly just the same.

to be continued…

notes: Hi, folks. Yes, the title is true. 🙂 Brushing up on literary skills. Mwah!