Three Brides (to-be) and a Brat

Consider me the odd-man out in our cozy couch gathering a few minutes ago. In a group of four, all three were wearing black while I was the only one donning a floor-length dress in white, which is quite the irony since these three ladies have sparkly left-hand ring fingers. Why yes, my ates are engaged to be married this year (eh yung sabay sabay na nag-plano ng 2011, makatarungan? haha) and they’ve all got a band with a diamond where it needed to be.



Far from me from being bitter, I think I may be more excited than they are at the prospect of their weddings. Yuh, in my case, I’m thrilled at their wedding plans; I’ll leave the marriage stuff alone (as I have nothing much to say about that) for them to consider. But of course I have things to say about their tying the knot soon but the questions/technicalities in my head get muffled by thoughts of lace and motif and floral preference and theme. I am gay like that.



It’s fun to watch my ates Normi, Riz, and Ivy talk about relationship-al issues and how they deal with things; personalities vs preferences and generally having the prospect of starting a new life with the men they love. It’s like a scene off a bride movie. Whaduyuknow, things like that really do happen, eh.



Like I said to them a while back, I could just sit back and watch them from where I am and learn a whole heck of valuable information from their experiences. That should save me from more than enough trouble in the future, yathink?



It had felt homey and peaceful just being around them not only because I knew they could protect me from goons just by punching with their left hand. I mean, diamonds are super hard so that makes them better weapons than brass knuckles. But besides being good for defense,  the ring on their fingers stood for the promise that, by some sort of compulsion from the unknown, they are sticking by the life-changing (and last name-changing) decision they committed to. I think they deserve props for being that brave.



Ugh, I’m about to be mushy by saying what I’m about to say next. I will surely miss these coffee sessions when we’re still all technically single. Oh well papel, life goes on. Of course now I realize I shouldn’t get a slice off the drama pie because I am not the one about to face a huge, major chapter where another life is involved. Hay, so for now, fiiiine, the brides get to have all the cheese/mush/drama they want.



Man, they’re so grown-up. Just the same, I thank the Lord immensely because I have these ladies to look up to whatever stage they get and use them as examples of what I ought to avoid. LOL. Kidding aside, I know that they are in God’s hands so I can rest assured that the paths they’re taking are all in His care. That I think, is comforting enough (sige pa, Xai, convince yourself hahaha) to entrust them to the men they will marry.



Oan, just so you three know, you are about to leave me in the hands of the *gasp* Higad group. I hope you feel guilty. Haha.