When in Doubt

Only about two months are left before I finalize what would be my future for the next four years. Well, that’s assuming I pass the exams. Something tells me memorizing the lines from Legally Blonde will not get me anywhere near that future, harhar.

I’m all about evidences lately. This week alone, I was faced with a series of bizarre ‘truths’ claimed by seemingly ordinary, normal people. Nobody would think they were crazy until they open their mouths with these ‘revelations’ they have kept. Now they’re all clamoring for media attention because the time has come for that truth to be revealed. And I’m not about to buy whatever they’re saying until I have hard, solid facts.

Sometimes I think it to be a privilege to be always first with a scoop, even the ones considered out of this world. People call our office extension whenever they want their claims to be heard. Isn’t it funny that out of the people who come and go our office, I get to be the one to hear these absurdities from our callers?

There was a man showing photos of his ‘miraculous discovery’ and as I looked through the link he gave me, I swear my eyeballs have rotated more than they’re supposed to. I wish I had said something harsh to make the man stop yakking about this divine miracle he caught on camera and misusing Bible verses to prove his point. From point one, I have so many rebuttals in my head why we wouldn’t even dream about considering what he’s showing. He claimed he was born-again when he asked me what my belief was and I said evangelical Christian.

As soon as I told him I was a Christian, I was somewhat taken aback with the prepared speech in my head that’s hardcore soplak and, at some degree, rude. In my mind I was angered by his audacity to call himself a Christian while parading ‘the image of Christ’ he caught on camera (which, by the way is so absurd, almost moronic) on a rock in a mystical mountain. Most of the things he said were off track, meaning the Biblical quotes he used were so out of context (out of content, too as in mali pa, hello, anong translation gamit mo?) and highly questionable, debatable, and would probably fall into a load of fallacies.

While all that has been going on in my head, all I could do was say hmm while he told his story; I wasn’t butting in. I wasn’t about to be mean and tell him to stop saying ‘pareho tayong born-again’ in every sentence. But I wanted to be mean. I wanted to tell him how wrong he was. I wanted to be outright nasty and tell him to stop wasting my time.

There must be a reason why I am the one getting all these weird, divine, mystical ‘revelations’ from these modern-day wackos. When do I know when to correct and when to just let them go on and on about their absurdities?

I have to figure out a way on how to argue with love. If I was going to make a stand about my faith, I need this practice. If I was going to get into law school, I have to know when to make a stand. And how. And quick. And soon.

Lord, super help.