Something in Common

What do Chuck Bass, Edward Cullen, and Dao Ming Si have in common? Well, aside from the teeny fact that I periodically attach their last names to mine, and they’re made of perfect, and they’re fictitious, and I get high-pitched at the thought of these wonderful, very unattainable… wait what was I getting at? Ehem. *recovering my head voice’s modulation*

Aside from the obvious that these three make up a huge portion of my dream sequence (that sometimes I can’t tell apart from reality), something about their characters make them ‘ideal boyfriends.’ Sure, one’s a male version of a nympho who drinks like a lumberjack; and fine, the other one’s a century old, with no soul, and sparkles in sunlight; and maybe, the other one has crazy violent streaks and a horrid lack of grammatical competence (at least in Mandarin. Oh and English, too) but on their best behavior, preferably when they are madly in love, they make absolutely darling individuals who’d go through all lengths to protect their ladies.

And maybe, that’s all a girl ever needs. A sense of protection, a romantic gesture here and there, and adrenaline-pumping moments with gorgeous guys who clean up fabulously in branded suits. LOL.

That, and a fairly decent car to boot. Here comes the shallow part. It’s perfectly fine to be gallant, you know.

Digging deeper, Chuck *swoon*, Edward *swoon*, and Ah-Si *swoon* are all horrible at the surface, guys with a bit of air around them, seemingly impossible to like, but are actually fine men willing to risk life and limb for the women they love. And no ordinary women are they. Come to think of it, the objects of their affection are not the typical api-apihan Cinderella-midnight-curfew types. They’re girls who challenge them, pretending not to fawn when they’re actually dying inside of kilig. Ugh. I hate these mind games. But lo, they seem to work. At least in fiction.

When these guys work up their charms, all anyone can do is die of kilig. Death by kilig. I like that.

Being the horrible writer that I am, I have once again failed to make a point. That’s because my heart is racing. And because my ‘sensible’ thoughts are muffled by the high-pitched kilig-kiligan voice in my head that scream Chuck, Edward, Dao Ming Si! Woohoo!



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