There was A Better Title In My Head

There was also a better post where the title had been. A much better intro, a much cohesive line of thought.

I love how Sundays are becoming now that my parents are active in their fellowship group. Daddy doesn’t have Sunday classes anymore and he seems too happy and pleased to serve in the ministry. My Mom on the other hand, enjoys contributing to the board and gearing the church up for grander things ahead. This feels exactly like it did years ago when I would stay in church after service waiting for my parents to finish their meetings while I and my Sunday School friends hang out by the bridge, play with Legos or Barbies, raid the nearest Gift Gate or National Bookstore, or simply stay somewhere signing up slum books and stuff.

I feel like a kid again.


Kung Kelan Naman Tumanda Na

After a long, long time, I have once again become a camper. And again after a decade or so of attending IVCF camps, the mechanics are more or less the same; even more so for me since I have my forever camp buddy Lorah along (and we’re roomies, too! Just like my first high school camp).

To say that I learned and enjoyed a lot would be trite but having said that anyway, I am pretty sure God was leading me to make a decision about this life. (Yey, Christian na ako, haha!)

Our exposition on Daniel was insightful, thanks to Tatay (can I call you Tatay?) Herman Moldez who did a wonderful job dissecting the life of Daniel and presenting the life lessons that came along with it. The reflection on how this poging Bible character who’s also super brilliant (naman, the guy speaks multiple languages and interprets dreams) affirms that we common people are also equipped to live a godly life in an ungodly world.

Daniel has got to be my new favorite Bible hero. LOL.

Kidding aside, during our life sharing with my small group, we were able to talk about the different challenges we face in the workforce. It is amazing that different our contexts may be, we have drawn the same inspiration and lessons from the Word of God, challenging ourselves to be driven to excellence for the main purpose of glorifying God in our daily lives and transactions.

You have probably heard it said a million times, a million ways but I am positively blessed for having attended Yey Grad Con. 😛 Oh and, Tuesdays With Morrie= the bomb! 🙂

Easy vs. Hard


1. to identify other people’s problems.

2. to get wrapped up in too much excitement only to get a mean dose of bubble bursting.

3. to get kilig over a meaningless smile just when you needed to see one.

4. to resolve certain things until you have to validate them.

5. to want to go to law school.


1. to watch the Dark Knight. Mabigat sa damdamin.

2. to get up in a cool morning wrapped in a warm blanket.

3. to actually get behind the wheel and steer your lowered sports car into motion.

4. to see you forget every good thing and run after something you know is bad for you.

5. to just let you go without a fight.


I have been obsessing about law school lately; it’s all that comes out of my mouth. The thought of gruelling times burning the midnight oil to load on matter is an exciting prospect for me. I feel most alive when I constantly seek grace and what better way to be grace-dependent than school, or law school for that matter.

The only part that could make me think twice is having to take Taxation in my fifth year but then I can simply read through my dad’s library and get all the info I need. Heee.

I don’t think it’s the sanguine talking anymore. I really want to be a lawyer now.

Dream Venti

Most of the time, I do not know what I am doing. Like today, for example, I absent-mindedly grabbed an application form from Starbucks yet again without really intending to fill it out and submit it. I did it because at that moment, I felt like standing up, marching to the condiments counter, grabbing the first thing that was within reach so I could flip through it, head back to the couch, and scan through the contents as if reading them for the first time. I do things like that without thought or reason.

To break the habit, I actually took out a pen to write through the spaces like I would a slum book. Except for the boring details, I had fun writing down what I know about my self, my history of employment and education and smiled at the thought that I looked good on paper. On paper. Like that actually amounts to something.

Why do I feel the need to restart? Whether a blog (whaduyuknow, I’m on wordpress now), color schemes, a career, mode of transporation (haha, good luck talaga dito), there’s this overhaul I feel like doing; a certain level of purging that I have to accomplish just so I can say I am starting a new era and I want everything to be new.

As always, I fail to make my point. I swear I forget where my thoughts are going once I have said them out loud. One of the setbacks of doing things without thinking them through, this is. And gee, that sounded like something Yoda would say except that it wasn’t philosophical.

Maybe I want to work in Starbucks because it has the word star on it, yatheenk? Or maybe because the words DREAM VENTI are splashed on the brochure cover and these have got to be two of my favorite words. Like I told my ate who applied as well, I have probably bought a gazillion items from this store to cover for my salary.

I’m rambling again, sorry.

What do you want to hear from me? Maybe you should tell me what I could write about because my creative juices have run dry. Pfft.

Past the Silver Deadline

I made an agreement with myself that I will live no longer than twenny five years. I do not want to grow old as I do not want to bore myself to death.

Funny that I have done so many outrageous things for my health to fail and yet I’m still around, wasting the world’s supply of oxygen. Since it does not seem like I am going anywhere soon, I thought perhaps there must be something I am meant to do, a second chance to get my life together notwithstanding the crises I have successfully denied getting into.

You see, I am seriously considering applying for law school. It has to be UP Law or I don’t study at all. First off, my dad has to agree that this is a good thing for me. I have already received thumbs up from my mom, close friends, my siblings, and the street vendor from whom I bought a mint gum.

It doesn’t scare me at all, the thought of going to law school and eventually becoming a lawyer. Juris Doctors is the degree offered in UP Law. I mean, what are the chances that I will actually pass the LAE, right? I have gone on grace since I can remember and never in my life have my own merits gotten me somewhere. If I were to rely on my brains (which functions are bordering on questionable already), I will be found wading in the proverbial kangkungan. So it’s not really up to me and so I have nothing to worry about. Grace. Grace. Grace.

That sounds like a plan. And finally after ten years of marking the deadline, I am actually pretty excited about missing and living past the silver mark. Hurray for me, I guess. 🙂

Moving On

Just like any phase in a normal person’s life… wait. I said normal; what does that have to do with me?

This is home from now on

I may have moved to a different space in the blogosphere but there’s something about the old me that just doesn’t know when to stop inviting herself. There will be days, weeks, and months that I would stare at this blank page, watch the cursor move, have a gazillion brilliant ideas in my head, and still would not be able to translate to a decent draft.

This will do for now.